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Workforce Training & Continuing Education

Injection Molding Technology

The injection molding program prepares students for an exciting career in a variety of manufacturing industries including medical devices, electronics, aerospace, transportation, packaging, construction, and many other consumer products.  Students will receive hands on training learning how to operate and maintain injection molding machines, learn how to trouble shoot and how to switch molds.



Morning and evening classes are available to fit around your busy schedule. You will attend Monday - Thursday for 4 weeks. 

Career Opportunities
  • Medical Devices Production
  • Automotive Parts Production
  • Technicians and machine operators
  • Plastic materials and equipment sales
  • Distribution channel workers
  • Quality control and inspection



SLCC has many partnerships with employers to ensure that you are gaining the skills that the composites industry in Utah needs.  Merit Medical and BD medical are just two of the local businesses that we maintain relationships with so that we can help you start your career in injection molding.


Students may choose to take only the level I course or the level I and II courses sequentially.  Both are 80 hour courses and have scholarships and other incentives that could pay for up to the entire tuition keeping you debt-free.

This program has been approved for STIT funding (50% discount for individuals) while funds are available
For Individual Job Seekers

The Utah Legislature provides Short-Term Intensive Training (STIT) funds for Utah State residents who enroll in specific non-credit, short-term training courses. These funds cover 50% of the course cost and are available until depleted. At that point, the course cost will return to the regular cost. STIT funding is for individual job seekers. For employers interested in funding support, please see information about Custom Fit.

For Employers

Using funds provided by the Utah State Legislature, Custom Fit provides short-term, non-credit training designed to grow, train, and retain an efficient and productive workforce. For-profit companies can use these funds to share the cost of incumbent worker training. Apply for Custom Fit funds to determine eligibility.


Course WTIM 0100
Title Injection Molding Basics

Students will master the performance objectives in the following categories: plastic materials, plastic processing, machine operation, basic injection mold design and function, print reading, part measurement, math basics and conversions, machine computer operations, safety, SDS and OSHA, Lean Manufacturing and 5S, and teamwork. Course also includes scientific molding principles and practices. 

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Course WTIM 0200
Title Principles of Scientific Molding
Prerequisite CEPS 0100, six months on the job training

Builds on the skills gained in Injection Molding Basics and moves the student into the process technician skill set. This includes more advanced work in scientific injection molding. Learning objectives include mold open/close profiles, injection processes, viscosity curves and plastic degradation, balancing molds, gate seals and newer methods of analysis. This course also includes local plant visits to witness the current state-of-the-art techniques used in this industry. 


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