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Injection Molding Technology


Course WTIM 0100
Title Injection Molding Basics

Students will master the performance objectives in the following categories: plastic materials, plastic processing, machine operation, basic injection mold design and function, print reading, part measurement, math basics and conversions, machine computer operations, safety, SDS and OSHA, Lean Manufacturing and 5S, and teamwork. Course also includes scientific molding principles and practices. 

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Course WTIM 0200
Title Principles of Scientific Molding
Prerequisite CEPS 0100, six months on the job training

Builds on the skills gained in Injection Molding Basics and moves the student into the process technician skill set. This includes more advanced work in scientific injection molding. Learning objectives include mold open/close profiles, injection processes, viscosity curves and plastic degradation, balancing molds, gate seals and newer methods of analysis. This course also includes local plant visits to witness the current state-of-the-art techniques used in this industry. 


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