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Aerospace Assembly

The aerospace assembly program teaches you the skills you need to start an exciting career in the aerospace manufacturing industry building aircraft and aerospace vehicles.  Students will learn the fundamentals of aerospace structure assembly and fabrication with a heavy emphasis on hands-on projects to include aluminum and carbon fiber construction with aerospace-grade mechanical fasteners and assembly techniques.



Courses are offered on flexible schedules to accommodate your schedule.  See the courses tab for more detail.


Career Opportunities
  • Airframe Assembly Mechanic
  • Aerospace Manufacturing Assembler
  • Aircraft structural assembler

We developed this program together with local Utah companies such as Albany Composites, Boeing, and Northrop Grumman to create a program that provides students the skills these employers need to manufacture commercial and military aircraft and aerospace vehicles and structures.


This is an 80-hour course offered as hybrid on-line and in-person with a large focus on hands-on real-world projects.  There are scholarships and other incentives available for this course that could pay for up to the entire tuition keeping you debt-free and ready to start your career.


Course WTAC 100
Title Aerospace Assembly Foundations Composites

This 24-hour onboarding class teaches new-hires the basics of advanced composites hand lay-up for manufacturing aerospace parts with both dry and pre-impregnated fibers. Students can participate in this course either as incumbent new-hires or as pre-employment composite technicians.


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Course WTAM 100
Title Aerospace Assembly Foundations Metals

Participants are introduced to the aerospace assembly process and build skills in shop safety, basic math, blueprint reading, drilling, reaming, countersinking, measuring, and solid rivet installation. This course focuses on the assembly of aluminum components using solid rivet fasteners.

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