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Workforce Training & Continuing Education

Accelerated General Education

This innovative program is tailored for busy, working professionals who wish to complete their General Education requirements from the convenience of anywhere they want SLCC to be. We can bring the classroom to your workplace or you can complete courses online from the comfort of your own home. The program is accelerated so you can earn your General Education requirements in as little as 12 months! For individuals interested in the Associate of Science in Business degree, there will be an opportunity to transition to the Accelerated Business A.S. program.

Quality Instruction

The program utilizes professional instructors and full-time advisors who work as a team to ensure courses are integrated and meet high academic standards.

Designed for Working Professionals

Students move through the program as a group and generally take two to three classes each ten-week session. The courses may be offered onsite at your workplace or online.

Predictable Schedule

We can work with your employer to determine a schedule for onsite courses or you can take courses online with your cohort.


Classes in the program are accredited and may transfer to four-year institutions with many program and major options. Salt Lake Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU).


Course MATH 1090
Title College Algebra-Business (QL)
Prerequisite RDG 0990; within the last year, MATH 1010 w/C grade or better, or appropriate Accuplacer score.
Description This class satisfies the SLCC Quantitative Literacy (QL) requirement. This course continues to explore, in greater depth, standard Math 1010 algebra topics with applications for business. Topics include: functions including linear, quadratic, exponential, and logarithmic; systems of equations; matrices and determinants; linear programming; mathematics of finance.
Course ECON 1740
Title Economic History of U.S. (AI)
Prerequisite RDG 0990 w/C grade or better, or appropriate Accuplacer score.
Description Explores the historical foundations of American economic growth and development from colonial times to the present. The study of economic history provides scholars the opportunity to understand and analyze, from a historical perspective, the impact of institutional and structural changes within the American economy.
Course COMM 1050
Title Elem. of Human Comm. (HU)
Description Survey of the basic issues, theories, and perspectives in the study of human communication, through critical analysis of oral, written and audio-visual texts.
Course ART 1010
Title Exploring Art (FA)
Description Introduces visual art to the non-major. Provides historical perspective of visual art development. Study of major principles, elements, media, and techniques. Nonjudgmental art project, reading, writing, required.
Course BIOL 1090
Title Human Biology (BS)
Prerequisite RDG 0900 w/C grade or better, or appropriate Accuplacer score
Description Focuses on humans as biological entities. Introduces the scientific process, chemical and cellular bases of life, role of DNA in the continuity of life, evolution, and interrelationships among humans and other living organisms. Three hours of lecture per week.
Course COMM 2150
Title Intercultural Commun. (ID,DV)
Description Examination of how cultural similarities and differences impede or enhance communication across cultures. Issues of diversity, values, norms among different cultures, as well as issues of cultural diversity, values and norms.
Course MATH 1010
Title Intermediate Algebra (QS)
Prerequisite RDG 0900; within the last year, MATH 0990 w/C grade or better, or appropriate Accuplacer score.
Description This course covers, in more depth, basic algebraic concepts introduced in Elementary Algebra. Topics of study include: linear equations and inequalities; quadratic equations; polynomial and rational expressions; radicals and complex numbers; exponential expressions (negative and rational exponents) and logarithmic expressions; linear systems of equations; introduction to conic sections; introduction to functions. Graphing of functions will be done by hand. Real world applications of algebra will be addressed throughout the course.
Course ENGL 2010
Title Intermediate Writing (EN)
Prerequisite ENGL 1010 w/C grade or better.
Description Extends principles of rhetorical awareness and knowledge making introduced in English 1010 and increases the ideological engagement within the classroom. Interrogates socioeconomic and political issues. Course may be taught with a Service Learning component.
Course SOC 1010
Title Intro to Sociology (SS)
Description The nature and scope of sociology, including systematic treatment of group life, social institutions, social problems, social change and social control.
Course ENGL 1010
Title Intro to Writing (EN)
Prerequisite WRTG 0990 w/C grade or better, or appropriate Accuplacer score.
Description Development of critical literacies-reading, writing and thinking using methods of knowledge-making. Promotes awareness of rhetorical strategies as they apply to a variety of socio-cultural contexts.
Course GEOG 1700
Title Natural Disasters (PS)
Description Course introduces natural disasters and the related energy and processes which cause them. An awareness of the impact on human activity is an integral component, investigating methods of prevention, preparation, and mitigation of damage.
Course COMM 1020
Title Principles of Public Speaking (CM, IN)
Description Preparing and delivering speeches for civic and professional occasions. Basic theory and skills practice, including audience analysis, anxiety mgt, critical listening, supporting claims with evidence, persuasion, motivation, delivery.


The Accelerated General Education (AGE) program offers classes to help professionals earn required General Education credits at an accelerated pace and convenient location.  Students move through the program as a cohort, completing two or three courses in each 10 week block.  The AGE program is designed for students committed to completing the program with their cohort.  The program can also be offered on-site at companies and may be great for team building at work and getting to know others in the company.

Credits earned in the AGE program may be applied toward the Accelerated Business A.S. program. If an A.S. in Business is not the desired option, classes may be used toward other programs or certificates offered at Salt Lake Community College. Most General Education classes also transfer to four-year institutions within the Utah System of Higher Education.  Ongoing transfer planning is essential as requirements at four-year colleges and universities are subject to change. Transfer advising can be obtained through the accelerated and traditional program academic advisors.

Cohort students must complete the placement exam and be eligible to register for MATH 1010 and ENGL 1010.  To be considered for the AGE program apply below.

The program hosts between 25-30 students in each cohort.

The program schedule is listed below. Classes are scheduled in advance and a spot is reserved for each student. Throughout the program, students are notified of important registration information and class dates. Students are encouraged to work with an academic advisor throughout the program to ensure all requirements are met for the desired degree or certificate.

We anticipate a new cohort to begin each Spring semester.  Each cohort will finish the program in 12 months.  Because schedules for the cohort are established, students must remain in the cohort through completion of the program.
Students in the program can pay tuition online, phone, mail, installment payments (STIL), drop box, or in-person. Generally payments will be due before the first day of class. Failure to pay for the classes may result in being dropped from the program. Most employers participating with the AGE program offer tuition reimbursement or assistance.

The Accelerated General Education program is eligible for financial aid.  For specific details or questions regarding financial aid, you may contact the Salt Lake Community College Financial Aid Office at 801-957-4410.

Drop dates for a full refund are two weeks after the 10 week block begins.  There is no refund for the AGE program fee once classes have started.


*NOTE: Course Offerings, class sequence, dates and times are subject to change according to program needs.


Spring 2022 AB1 AB2
Classes Begin  January 3  March 14
Last Day to Add  January 11  March 21
Last Day To Drop  January 13  March 25
Last Day To Withdraw  February 12  April 14
Last Day of Class  March 11  May 20
Summer 2022 AB3
Classes Begin  May 23
Last Day to Add  June 1
Last Day To Drop  June 3
Last Day To Withdraw  June 23
Last Day of Class  July 29
Fall 2022 AB4 AB5
Classes Begin  August 1  October 10
Last Day to Add  August 8  October 17
Last Day To Drop  August 11  October 20
Last Day To Withdraw  September 1  November 10
Last Day of Class  October 7  December 16



Sample Schedule


Class Title Cr.
ANTH 1010 Cultural and Human Experience (IG) 3
MUSC 1010 Introduction to Music (FA)
NUTR 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (LS 3

Block 2: MARCH - MAY

Class Title Cr.
ENGL 1010 Intro to Writing (EN) 3
COMM 2050 Perspectives in Communication (HU 3
SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology (SS) 3

Block 3: MAY - JULY

Class Title Cr.
COMM 2150 Intercultural Communication (CM, DV) 3
HLAC 1096 Fitness For Life (LW) 1
PHYS 1010 Elementary Physics (PS)  3


Class Title Cr.
MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra 4
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing (EN) 3


Class Title Cr.
MATH 1090 College Algebra - Business (QL) 3
ECON 1740 Economic History of the US (AI) 3