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Workforce Training & Continuing Education

Accelerated Business A.S.


Course ANTH 1010
Title Cultural & Human Experience (IG)
Description This course provides an introduction to the field of cultural anthropology, a study of diverse living peoples throughout the world and to the methods used by anthropologists. It introduces the concept of culture as a framework for understanding similarities and differences in human societies. In addition, the course introduces cultural anthropology as a sub-field of anthropology, a holistic field that studies both cultural and physical diversity in past and contemporary societies.
Course MUSC 1010
Title Intro to Music (FA)
Description An introductory survey of Western music from chant to jazz highlighting major contributions from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, 20th Century and American musical styles.
Course BUS 1050
Title Foundations of Business (ID)
Prerequisite ENGL 1010 or concurrently, or that students have compatible writing skills.
Description Historical, sociological and philosophical overview of the fundamental aspects of business. Topics: business in a world of change, socioeconomics, the human factor and ethics in the workplace and social responsibility in a global market.
Course MATH 1090
Title College Algebra-Business (QL)
Prerequisite RDG 0990 w/C grade or better or appropriate placement score; AND within the last year MATH 1010 w/C grade or better or appropriate placement score
Description Course topics include: graphs, linear, quadratic, logarithmic, and exponential functions; matrices; systems of equations and inequalities; leontieff models; compound interest; geometric and arithmetic series, loans and annuities.
Course COMM 2050
Title Perspectives in Communication (HU)
Description Survey of the basic issues, theories, and perspectives in the study of human communication, through critical analysis of oral, written and audio-visual texts.
Course SOC 1010
Title Intro to Sociology (SS)
Description The nature and scope of sociology, including systematic treatment of group life, social institutions, social problems, social change and social control.
Course COMM 2150
Title Intercultural Communication (ID, DV)
Description Examination of how cultural similarities and differences impede or enhance communication across cultures. Issues of diversity, values, norms among different cultures, as well as issues of cultural diversity, values and norms.
Course BUS 2200
Title Business Communications
Prerequisite ENGL 1010 w/C grade or better
Description Students develop critical reading, thinking, listening, speaking & writing skills for business; conduct research, assess communication situations, make effective arguments, work in teams & present research/service-learning projects.
Course HLAC 1096
Title Fitness for Life (LW)
Description Wellness and healthy lifestyle concepts are taught with an emphasis on aerobic exercise and physical fitness. Lecture/ Lab format. Students will design and engage in a fitness program. Includes fitness appraisals and behavior change with emphasis on lifelong wellness.
Course CSIS 2010
Title Bus. Computer Profic.-Database
Prerequisite CSIS 1020
Description Course covers various features and functions of spreadsheet and database software for business applications. Class consists of lectures and demonstrations of how specific software tools can be used and correct formula and function syntax. Students will develop knowledge and skills using spreadsheet and database software as business problem solving tools.
Course ENGL 2010
Title Intermediate Writing (EN)
Prerequisite ENGL 1010 w/C grade or better
Description Extends principles of rhetorical awareness and knowledge-making introduced in English 1010 and increases the ideological engagement within the classroom. Interrogates socioeconomic and political issues. Certain sections taught using service-learning.
Course PHYS 1010
Title Elementary Physics
Description Conceptual survey course in introductory physics. For non-science majors. Principles of mechanics, heat, light, sound, electricity, magnetism, and modern physics.
Course ECON 1740
Title Economic History of U.S. (AI)
Prerequisite RDG 0990 w/C grade or better or appropriate placement score
Description This course explores the historical foundations of American economic growth and development from colonial times to the present. The study of economic history provides scholars the opportunity to understand and analyze, from a historical perspective, the impact of institutional and structural changes within the American economy.
Course ECON 2010
Title Principles of Microeconomics
Description This course studies consumer and producer behavior, and the role specific economic units play in market development. Elasticity, consumer choice, production costs, and profits are examined relative to different levels of competition.
Course ACCT 2010
Title Survey of Financial Accounting
Description A broad view of accounting’s role in providing information to external users of financial information. The primary focus is the use of financial statements by investors, creditors and other entities outside of the organization.
Course MGT 2040
Title Business Statistics I
Prerequisite MATH 1010 (or appropriate Accuplacer score) or FIN 1380; and CIS 1020 or challenge exam
Description Collection, analysis, and interpretation of business and economic data. Includes measures of location and dispersion, estimation and hypothesis testing, ANOVA, contingency tables, correlation, and regression. Access to a computer for projects/cases required.
Course ACCT 2020
Title Managerial Accounting
Prerequisite ACCT 1110 or ACCT 2010. Recommended Prereq: CSIS 2010
Description Managerial accounging is the study of developing and using accounting information essential for management decisions. Topics covered are job costing, activity based costing, inventory management, cost-volume-profit relationships, operating budgets, relevant costs for non-routine decisions, and capital investment decisions.
Course ECON 2020
Title Principles of Macroeconomics
Description This course studies the economy as a whole. Concepts of scarcity, demand and supply, output and income, growth, inflation, unemployment, interest rates, money and banking are all examined. Current events are used as examples.
Course HLTH 1020
Title Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (LS)
Description Introduces and applies basic nutrition concepts. Fundamentals of human nutrition and its applications to a healthier lifestyle. Evaluation and assessment of nutrition issues which includes preventing nutrition-related diseases.
Course CEAB 0001
Title Program Introductory Workshop
Description Introductory workshop to orient incoming students and provide a brief overview of the Accelerated Business Degree Program.


The Accelerated Business Degree (ABD) program offers the required courses for an Associate of Science in Business, transfer degree in a fast-track online format. Students move through the program as a cohort group, completing two or three courses in each 10 week session. The ABD program is designed for students committed to completing the program with their cohort group. The traditional Associate of Science in Business degree is offered primarily in 15 week semesters and a full-time student can complete it in two years.

The A.S. in Business is designed to transfer to business schools at four-year institutions within the Utah System of Higher Education. The degree satisfies the lower division general education requirements for a Baccalaureate degree at Utah's public colleges and universities as well as BYU and Westminster College. It also includes the business courses that are prerequisite to applying to four-year bachelor degrees in Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Business Administration, Information Systems, Management and more. Ongoing transfer planning is essential as requirements at four-year colleges and universities are subject to change. Transfer advising can be obtained through the accelerated and traditional program Academic Advisors.
Please apply online by following the link on the ABD website.
The program hosts between 25-30 students in each cohort.
Upon acceptance into the program, students receive an email or letter which outlines the program with important registration and class dates. Students are encouraged to work with an Academic Advisor throughout the program to ensure all requirements are met for the Associate of Science in Business degree.
We anticipate a new cohort to begin each Spring semester.  Each cohort will finish the program in 14 months.  Because schedules for the cohort are established, students must remain in the cohort through completion of the program.
We have integrated  general education classes into the accelerated program.
Students in the program will receive an email which outlines the program with important registration information and payment deadlines. Generally payments will be due before the first day of class. Failure to pay for the classes may result in being dropped from the program. Prior to the start of each block students will be given instructions for registration and payment of tuition.

The Accelerated Business Degree is eligible for financial aid. However, there are a few items students should be aware of:

  1. Students must register for all of the classes that fall within the traditional semester schedule at the same time for financial aid to fund appropriately.
  2. If students use all their financial aid during fall and spring semesters, there will be no funding guaranteed for the summer term. Students may apply for State grants; however, the grants are normally awarded on a first come-first served basis (based on eligibility) and are limited to no more than $1,000.
  3. Grades and completion rates play a part in successive semester financial aid awards. Low grades may impact the following semester's financial aid. SLCC must determine a student's eligibility based on satisfactory progress requirements (70% completion rate and 2.00 GPA) prior to releasing funds.
Please contact the ABD Program Coordinator to submit an application and to be placed on the list for an upcoming cohort.
Drop dates for a full refund are published on the ABD website.  Typically, students have 10 days from the first day of class to drop for a full refund.  There is a $50 ABD program fee each semester and the fee is non-refundable once classes have started.
Tuition and fees are the standard SLCC rates and based on the total number of credit hours enrolled each semester. There is a $50 program fee applied each semester.


*NOTE: Course Offerings, class sequence, dates and times are subject to change according to program needs.


Spring 2022 AB1 AB2
Classes Begin  January 3  March 14
Last Day to Add  January 11  March 21
Last Day To Drop  January 13  March 25
Last Day To Withdraw  February 12  April 14
Last Day of Class  March 11  May 20
Summer 2022 AB3
Classes Begin  May 23
Last Day to Add  June 1
Last Day To Drop  June 3
Last Day To Withdraw  June 23
Last Day of Class  July 29
Fall 2022 AB4 AB5
Classes Begin  August 1  October 10
Last Day to Add  August 8  October 17
Last Day To Drop  August 11  October 20
Last Day To Withdraw  September 1  November 10
Last Day of Class  October 7  December 16

Pre-requisites for the Accelerated Business Degree Program

Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
CSIS 1020 Computer Essentials 3
ENGL 1010 Intro to Writing 3 English 0990 w/C grade or better or appropriate placement score
MATH 1010 Intermediate Algebra (QS) 4 ENGL 0990 w/C grade or better; and within the last year Math 0980 (or equivalent) w/C grade or better or appropriate placement score
Total 10

Class Sequence | Each Block Runs 10 Weeks

AB 1Spring 2022: January 3 - March 11

Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
 ANTH 1010 Cultural and Human Experience (IG)  3
 MUSC 1010 Intro to Music (FA) 3
 NUTR 1020 Scientific Foundations of Human Nutrition (LS) 3
Total 9

AB2 Spring 2022: March 14 - May 20

Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
BUS 1050 Foundations of Business 3 ENGL 1010
COMM 2050 Perspectives in Communication (HU) 3
SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology (SS) 3
Total 9

AB3 Summer 2022: May 23 - July 29

Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
COMM 2150 Intercultural Communication (CM, DV) 3
PHYS 1010 Elementary Physics 3 ENGL 1010
HLAC 1096 Fitness for Life 1
Total 7

AB4 FALL 2022: August 1 - OCTOBER 7

Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
CSIS 2010 Bus Computer Profic.-Database 3 CSIS 1020 or challenge exam
ENGL 2010 Intermediate Writing (EN) 3 ENGL 1010 
BUS 2200 Business Communications (CM) 3
Total 9


Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
ECON 1740 Economic History of US (AI) 3 RDG 0990 
ECON 2010 Principles of Microeconomics (SS) 3
ACCT 2010 Survey of Financial Accounting 3
MATH 1090  College Algebra-Business (QL) 3
Total 12


Course Course Title Cr. Hours Notes
ACCT 2020 Managerial Accounting 3 ACCT 1110 or ACCT 2010 
ECON 2020 Principles of Macroeconomics (SS) 3
MGT 2040 Business Statistics I 4 MATH 1010 or FIN 1380 and CIS 1020
Total 10

General Education Requirements for
The Accelerated Business Degree Program

Core Skills (12-13 Credit Hours)


ENGL 1010 - ABD prerequisite

ENGL 2010 - Included in the ABD program

QUANTITATIVE LITERACY (QL) 3 MATH 1050 or 1090 - Included in the ABD program
AMERICAN INSTITUTIONS (AI) 3 ECON 1740 - Included in the ABD program

Institutional Requirements (4-7 Credit Hours)

LIFELONG WELLNESS (LW) 1 *must complete prior to graduation
COMMUNICATION (CM) 3 COMM 1020 - Included in the ABD program
INTERNATIONAL & GLOBAL (IG) 3 CIS 1020 - Included in the ABD program

General Education (18 Credit Hours)

LIFE SCIENCES (LS) 3 *Must be completed prior to graduation
FINE ARTS (FA) 3 *Must be completed prior to graduation
HUMANITIES (HU) 3 COMM 2050 - Included in the ABD program
SOCIAL SCIENCE (SS) 3 SOC 1010 - Included in the ABD program

Registration Info

  1. Complete the Application for Admission to Salt Lake Community College and pay the $20 application fee.
  2. Submit the online Accelerated Business Degree application above or contact Elisha Suazo to be emailed an application.
  3. Complete the Placement Tests.
  4. Request that official copies of transcripts be sent directly to SLCC from each former institution. SLCC can accept hand-delivered copies only if they are delivered unopened in the original envelope and bear the official school seal. To print out a form to request transcripts from your prior institution(s).
  5. Fill out a Request for Evaluation of Transfer Credits at Salt Lake Community College's Enrollment Services or complete form online by clicking the link.
  6. Complete the Prerequisites: ENGL 1010 and MATH 1010 with a C grade or better, within one year, or appropriate placement scores within one year and CSIS 1020 with a B- grade or better.

You may submit an application prior to completing the prerequisites.