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Concurrent Enrollment

New CE Instructor Onboarding Training

The following video training goes over everything a concurrent enrollment instructor needs to know to deliver a college experience in the high schools and navigate all relevante concurrent enrollment processses.  Once the training has been completed, and the forms below submitted to the CE Office, the instructor can track in their profile section of MyCE that the training has been marked as complete. 

Part 1 - Introduction

Download Worksheet - Required for Payment
Download Stipend Form - Required for Payment

Part 2 - Setting Up Your MySLCC Account

Part 3 - Setting up Your MyCE Account

MyCE Account Setup
MyCE Access

Part 4 - Accessing Canvas & completing minimum requirements

Part 5 - MyCE Requirements & Tracking Student REgistration

Signing Your CE Instructor Annual Agreement in MyCE
Uploading Your Syllabus in MyCE
Updating Profile Information in MyCE
Using Support Requests in MyCE
Download Annual Instructor Requirements Checklist
Registration Issues

Part 6 - entering final grades

More Information About Grades and Grading

part 7 - the liaison support system

Looking Up Your Liaison(s) in MyCE
College Experience Evaluation in MyCE
Student Course Evaluations in MyCE
Accessing the Course Syllabus in MyCE
Syllabus Requirements Checklist
More Information About Working with Your Liaison

Part 8 - the college experience

Download Worksheet

Part 9 - What's Next?

Download Stipend Form - Required for Payment
Download Annual Instructor Requirements Checklist
Instructor Policies & Procedures

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