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Concurrent Enrollment

SLCC CE Transition Tuition Waiver

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Did you know that Salt Lake Community College offers a $1000 tuition waiver, spread out over two semesters ($500/semester) for SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Students? Here is how you qualify and apply:

Step 1 - Complete 6 SLCC Concurrent Enrollment Credits

Six credits is approximately 2 concurrent enrollment classes, depending on the class. The classes must be SLCC concurrent enrollment classes and not concurrent enrollment clases from other Utah colleges or universities. 

Step 2 - Do Well in Those Classes

You need to earn a 3.0 GPA or better after taking two or more SLCC CE classes. If your GPA is below that, and it's not the last semester of your 12th grade year, you can always take another SLCC concurrent class, perform well in that class, and improve your GPA. 

Step 3 - Build an Academic Plan

You can complete an academic plan by logging into your MyCE account (there is a link at the top/side of this page) and working with your high school counselor and/or SLCC advisor to build that. To find out who your SLCC advisor is visit the CE Advising page.

Step 4 - Appy for the CE Transition Tuition Waiver
Must be completed between NOVEMBER 1 and FEBRUARY 1 for the upcoming Summer or Fall semester.

Follow the steps on the Financial Aid Scholarships and Tuition Waiver page. You must be a U.S. Citizen and Utah Resident to be considered for this opportunity.

Step 5 - Complete the Admission Update Form

To be eligible for the waiver you need to change your status from a concurrent enrollment student to a traditional college student. You can find instructions on how to do that at the top of the SLCC forms page

NOTE: If you plan on taking concurrent enrollment classes Spring semester before you graduate from high school, don't do the admissions update until after you have registered for your Spring semester concurrent enrollment classes and confirmed that you are registered in those classes by checking with your high school CE coordinator. 

Step 6 - Apply for Federal Financial Aid

Follow the steps on the Financial Aid website to apply for federal financial aid via the FAFSA

Step 7 - Register for Classes

Whether you are awarded the SLCC CE Transition Tuition Waiver or not, or maybe are awarded something even better, you can register for classes and continue your education. CE Transition Tuition Waiver recipients will need to continue taking at least 6 credits each semester and maintain a 3.0 GPA, for the two consecutive semesters the waiver has been awarded, in order to continue recieving the $500 each semester.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the tuition waiver cover my first summer semester right out of high school?

Answer: Yes. However, the waiver cannot be awarded until high school graduation is complete. So if a student takes a summer class that starts in May and is still in high school, the waiver money will not be received until after the student has officially graduated.

Will I still qualify if I am planning on serving a mission, entering peace corp, enlisting in the military, or other deferment after high school graduation?

Answer: SLCC does not defer scholarships. However, if you don't take any classes on campus before leaving on your mission, you can apply as an incoming freshmen when you return & still be considered for the tuition waiver as if you started SLCC straight out of high school.

If I took my first 3 credits during fall semester of my senior year and am currently enrolled in 3 credits, can I still apply even thought I haven't completed 6 credits yet?

Answer: Yes. When tuition waivers are awarded, they will be contingent on your completing six credit hours with at least a 3.0 GPA. This will be checked after grades are posted in the summer.

Will the tuition waiver cover Technical programs?

Answer: Yes and No. CTE classes that are offered for college credit are eligible. Unfortunately, School of Applied Technology (SAT) courses that are clock-hour programs would not qualify. In general terms, you must be enrolled in a financial aid eligible program & courses to receive tuition waiver money. A full list can be found here:

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