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Concurrent Enrollment


This area of the concurrent enrollment website is specifically for high school coordinators, counselors, and administrators. The Salt Lake Community College Concurrent Enrollment Program is dedicated to building a college-going and career-focused culture among high school students, and we appreciate our high school partners who help us achieve this goal. 

August 2021 CE Coordinator Webinar

Coordinator updates for 2021-2022. Agenda items includee:

  • How AP Scores will be handled.
  • Admission & Registration Process Improvement Updates
  • MyCE updates
  • Admission/Registration Tracker

February 2021 CE Coordinator Meeting

Coordinator updates for 2020-2021. Agenda items includee:

  • CE Coordinator handbook and High School Partner Website
  • Test Scores – Deadlines and Best Practices for Tracking
  • Locating and Tracking Parent Permission Forms
  • SATT (School of Applied Technology), CE (Concurrent Enrollment), and EE (Early Enrollment) – What’s the Difference?
  • Application Updates and Time Ticket Errors
  • Project Launch – Pilot Program for Reaching Under-represented Students
  • Concurrent On-Campus Deadline Changes
  • MyCE Updates

SLCC Concurrent Enrollment & COVID Q&A Webinar - 8/6/20

Several questions have arisen regarding what can and cannot be done with regards to teaching concurrent enrollment classes admist the instructional delivery modifications being made to keep students and teachers safe during COVID. This webinar answers questions posed by CE partners.

2019-20 Changes Webinar

This webinar announces some changes that will occur during the 2019-20 Academic Year resulting from SLCC system and policy changes. Resources appear below the video.


SSID Corrections & The New SLCC Admission Application

In order for both the district/high school and SLCC to recieve funding from the state for concurrent enrollment, both high school student data and SLCC student data must match. Because students, when they complete the admission application, often enter incorrect information SLCC has devised a way to partner with high schools to correct that data so both SLCC and the high schools receive funding. You can find additional tutorials on how to make SSID Corrections on the MyCE tutorials page.

Additionally in this webinar we will be unveiling the new SLCC Admission Application which goes live mid-May 2019. You can download a powerpoint of the concurrent enrollment application here: Concurrent Enrollment Admission Application PowerPoint

New SLCC Placement Process (February 14, 2019)

During Spring of 2019 SLCC discontinued the Accuplacer and adopted a new placement process. Join Keisha Fehoko, Director of SLCC Testing Services, as we go through this new placement process and describe how it will work in a concurrent enrollment context. 

First 15 Credits - SLCC Pathways (February 11, 2019)

A review of SLCC Pathways and the first 15 recommended credits for each SLCC Area of Study and how that relates to concurrent enrollment.

Accuplacer Changes Meeting (October 10, 2018)

Coordinator Training (August 12, 2016)

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