Amanda Chamberlain

We would like to share the success of Amanda Chamberlain, who is a former SLCC student and Globe Arts editorAmanda Chamberlain

She recently wrote to us to provide an update on her career path:

"Being The Globe's Senior Editor taught me the ins and outs of newspaper operations, and really ignited my passion for writing. After getting my associates in print journalism from SLCC in 2006, I transferred to the University of Utah (from which I graduated in Dec. 2008 with a BA in communication).

"I always had a flair toward entertainment - I'm drawn to anything from the glitz of Hollywood to leather-bound rock 'n' roll - so when my SLCC instructor and mentor Nick Burns told me about a new Utah entertainment magazine called IN, I signed up for an internship right away. After three months of doing feature writing and data entry, I was hired as a full-time staff writer. I've been at IN for almost three years now, penning everything from band interviews to bar reviews to style columns. I have kept myself in the public eye by making media appearances, emceeing events, judging contests and volunteering.

"In addition to writing for IN, I have added "radio DJ" and "TV host" to my resume due to my freelance work at 97.5 The Blaze, KUTV 2News This Morning and Park City Television. In the near future, I aim to cross over to television full-time and finish my novel.

"I've found it important to diversify my skills to include all media forms, because I am now in much higher demand and have become privvy to a slew of new opportunities. I've grown beyond the title "writer" into a "media personality," which allows me to entertain many of my interests at once.

"So here's to becoming the next Ryan Seacrest!"

Congratulations and best of luck to Amanda!

Sam Cooper

We would also like to share the success of Sam Cooper, who is a former SLCC student and Globe Staff reporter. After his time as SLCC, Sam transferred to the University Of Utah Department Of Communication, and earned himself internships at both the Ogden Standard-Examiner and KUER.

Here's a recent update from Sam in his own words: "I worked for 2 years as a reporter at the Standard-Examiner until last January, when I moved to Connecticut. When I arrived I took some freelance work at a small daily called The Middletown Press. In June, I was offered a fulltime job at the Republican-American, the fourth largest paper in the state. I've been working here for several months covering the town of Watertown. The atmosphere here is much more competitive than in Utah, and I am finding the work to be a never ending challenge."

Keep up the good work Sam!

Danielle Lail

We would also like to share the success of Danielle Lail, who completed an internship at SLCC's Community Writing Center (CWC)Danielle Lail in spring 2008. Here's what Danielle's supervisor, Andrea Malouf, had to say about Danielle at the time.

"To those of you in the Communication department who promoted the PR/Marketing internship position at SLCC's Community Writing Center--thank you."

"We've hired student Danielle Lail. She's extremely talented and has hit the ground running. Her first week at the center, and she has already confirmed a collaborative fundraiser with King's English bookstore, has a list of media and other distribution methods for promoting the event, and is in the process of designing the flier (we'll be telling you more about the event soon). She's also started working on our big fall fundraiser and marketing campaign. Danielle is truly amazing and we're so happy to have her at the CWC. She's proof that SLCC's Communication Department has excellent instructors."

"It's a pleasure working collaboratively with the Communication department. After getting her SLCC Communication degree, Danielle earned a scholarship to the University Of Utah Department Of Communication. Congratulations and great job, Danielle!

Billy Hesterman

Billy Hesterman served as Radio SLCC Station Manager while at SLCC. After graduating from the University of Utah, he became a sports reporter at KFNZ AM. He's currently a reporter for the Daily Herald Statehouse.