• Student Consent for Release of Records - Signing this form gives cashiers permission to release the student's information over the phone or to a third party.

  • Change Fund Accountability Forms - Department form used to verify funds.

  • Direct Deposit - Login using your MySLCC username and password and click on Electronic Refunds under My Profile Setup.

  • Late Fee Appeal Form - $50 Late fee appeal is reviewed, granted, or denied by Cashier Services for exceptional circumstances. Please carefully review the attached form for guidance on what is deemed exceptional circumstances and the supporting documentation required. Appeals are generally processed within 7 - 10 business days; however, processing times may vary depending on high volume periods and the nature of the appeal.

  • Stop Payment Request Form - Your check was mailed two weeks prior but has not yet been received.

  • Financial Aid Title IV 2022-2023 - Federal Aid authorization for tuition and fee payments and/or non-institutional charges
  • Tuition Payment Plan - Pay tuition costs throughout the semester in three/four monthly payments. A $30 non-refundable fee applies.

  • Tuition Exemption/Waiver and Instructions

  • Change Fund Custodian Agreement - Agreement all custodians must complete acknowledging their responsibilities in the oversight of a change fund. Any changes to who is operating with a change fund require immediate notification to the Office of the Bursar Accountant.

  • Change Fund Steward Roster - Custodians are required to provide a list of all individuals who operate with their appropriated change fund. Any changes to the roster require immediate notification to the Office of the Bursar Accountant.

  • Wireless Credit Card Terminal Guide - The Office of the Bursar has wireless credit card terminals which can be checked out by departments and clubs for SLCC sponsored events. This guide provides details on how to properly operate the device.

The Division Associate Dean or department supervisor verifies eligibility and signs the Exemption/Waiver authorization. The Human Resources Benefits Manager verifies part-time staff eligibility and signs the Exemption/Waiver form. Employees should follow scheduled payment deadlines to avoid late fees and penalties.