Campus Internship Program

Part-time Internships on all SLCC Campuses, life-time benefits!


campus internship program (CIP) description:

The Campus Internship Program (CIP) provides SLCC students the opportunity to obtain a paid internship opportunity with an on-campus office or department. The goal of CIP is to provide students with professional development, new learning opportunities, and career mentorship. You will develop professional skills and experiences which support your current and future educational and career goals. Not only will you receive valuable mentorship from your supervisor, Career Services will also host workshops and other events designed to gain tools and knowledge that you can you use long after you complete your degree. Do not miss out on this great opportunity.

Benefits of a Campus Internship Program (CIP) position:

  • Earn $15.00 per hour working on campus.
  • Work between 15 and 20 hours a week.
  • Get valuable mentorship from supervisors.
  • Gain skills and experiences that will benefit the rest of your career.
  • Able to work on campus or a hybrid schedule depending on department.
  • Receive programming from Career Coaches on topics such as GallupStrengths Finder, Career Development, and Major Exploration.

Campus Internship Program Eligibility:

  • Must be enrolled in 9 academic credit hours during Fall and Spring semesters
    • If you are an SAT student, you must be enrolled in 18 clock hours during Fall and Spring semesters
  • Must enroll in 6 credit hours during the Summer semester
    • If you are an SAT student, you must be enrolled in 15 clock hours during the Summer semester
  • Must maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA during the time of application and each semester
  • Must not have another paid part-time role on campus.
  • Must have legal work authorization.
  • Students with DACA or TPS are eligible to apply.
  • If a student has work-study (not required for CIP) they must us the funding before campus internship funds.


If you would like to be considered for a Campus Internship Program position:

  • Review current CIP openings by visiting SLCC's Student Jobboard Handshake
    • Once you have signed in using your Snumber or SSO- the link should take you to all open CIP listings.
  • Follow the instructions on the job description. This will require you submit documents such as your resume, cover letter, and references to the supervisor or hiring manager for that position.
    • Career coaches and staff can review your documents as well as conduct a mock interview if you would like to prepare for the hiring process
    • You will be contacted by the supervisor or hiring manager with next steps such as an interview, presentation, or request for more information
  • If you are chosen for the position, you will need to complete the SLCC hiring process which includes completing online application and presenting I-9 documents as well as other required documentation
    • If you have any questions as you go through the SLCC hiring process, please reach out to April Teran at or 801-957-4660.