Campus Internship Program For Supervisors

The Campus Internship Program (CIP) provides offices across SLCC the opportunity to partner with Career Services to create paid internships for SLCC students. The goal of CIP is to provide students with professional development, new learning opportunities, and career mentorship at any SLCC campus. Students are paid at $12 per hour and can work between 15-20 hours per week.  CIP is an opportunity for your office or academic department to benefit from the support of a student employee through peer-to-peer interactions, project-based support, or in other ways that allows the student to gain meaningful skills they can use to support their educational and career goals.
Any office or department across all SLCC campuses are welcome to apply and request the support of a student intern. Applications must clearly state the duties, objectives, educational and professional components, and desired qualifications of the intern. Applications must also clearly identify a mentoring individual within your department or office who will be the supervisor and primary point of contact with Career Services. The total number of CIP positions is dependent on the funding available to Career Services which renews at the beginning of the fiscal year (July 1).

The department or office hosting the intern has the responsibility of providing a detailed job description and desired qualifications to post through SLCC Career Services electronic job board: Handshake. The supervisor’s email will be listed as the point of contact for any questions and to receive the resume and cover letter of any student who is interested. Any student who is interested should first meet with a Career Coach to ensure their eligibility and review available CIP openings. 

While we promote your open CIP position through our team of Coaches, peer mentors, and recruitment fairs, it is also the responsibility of the hosting office to market the open position through their contacts and networks as well as selecting a qualified candidate from the pool of applicants. Once a candidate is selected, please inform Janet Perschon at to begin the onboarding process. Please note, the onboarding process may take between 1-2 weeks.

To ensure your department’s commitment to developing and supporting student’s educational and occupational learning outcomes, we ask that you develop and complete a career competency learning agreement in the first semester you hire your intern. Career readiness competencies as identified by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) as most valuable to employers are: critical thinking/problem solving, teamwork/collaboration, professionalism/work ethic, and oral/written communication skills. For a list of adjacent competencies or further explanation, please review this article. In all subsequent semesters, as students master career competencies, supervisors and student interns will develop additional occupational competencies and learning outcomes with an updated signed learning agreement. Whenever possible, career competencies should be directly related to the student’s academic program or area of study.

To provide further exploration, professional development, and support for CIP students, CIP students are required to attend workshops throughout the semester provided by Career Services Staff. A list of programs and dates will be emailed at the beginning of the semester to both the supervisor and the student—supervisors are not required to attend but are welcomed to participate and support their intern. Topics for these workshops will include: CliftonStrengths, resumes and cover letters, interviewing, major exploration and registration, E-portfolio, among others.

Please click here to review the CIP Student Application. New supervisors will attend a scheduled CIP Orientation where we will review program requirements and processes.

All applications for a CIP position must be submitted to our office by end of business on the following dates:

  • Fall 2020: July 31
  • Spring 2021: November 30
  • Summer 2021: April 30

Career Services is here to consult with you if you need support, guidance, or clarification regarding any details and responsibilities. Please contact Jose Rodriguez Hernandez at (801) 957-5189 or