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Academic Options

Academic Program

We'll help you reach your academic and career goals at SLCC and beyond.

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Degree Options & Stackable Credentials

Earn a Degree from SLCC.

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General Education

All of your generals offered at SLCC with an average class size of 20.

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Continuing Education

Hundreds of classroom and online courses.

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SLCC Online

Learn anywhere, anytime.

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Job-Ready Training

Real job skills and training, exactly what employers are looking for.

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Academic Programs, Departments & Schools

Our goal is for you to succeed.

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Planning Tools

Providing you the resources to be successful as a student.

View and print your academic calendar

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Take a look at our latest class listings.

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Looking for course descriptions? Program Requirements? Check out the Online Catalog.

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Transferring requires on-going planning and we are here to help you!

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Academic Resources

Let us assist you with your academic career!

More than just textbooks.

Providing you the tools you need to succeed.

Books, subscriptions, electronic databases, references, and more.

Assisting you in meeting your learning goals.

Track your progress towards graduation.